Vegetable Khichuri

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How To make Vegetable Khichuri  ?

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If it is rainy day or cold winter night, SOBJI KHICHURI / VEGETABLE KHICHDI brings smile on our face. SOBJI KHICHURI / VEGETABLE KHICHDI is a very popular dish. Though this dish is itself a complete diet but we like to have it with with eggplant fry (begun bhaja), egg fry or egg bhuna or hilsa fry or chicken or meat bhuna. I used very few spices here to make it simple. Hope you will enjoy this dish with friends and family. Lentil  and Khichuri consistency denpend on your taste, so you can use more or less lentil and water for that. Some of us like to use 3-5 types of lentils which give unique flavour. If you want, you can use roasted moong lentil , mash kolai dal , Split pea  , you need to soak these lentil at least hour before cooking.



• 2 cups rice

• 2 cups red lentil

or you can mix different types of lentil (Moong, mashkolai, split peas and red lentil )

• 1 cup diced potato

• 4 cups diced vegetables(cauliflower, carrot, peas, pumpkin, bean etc)

• ½ teaspoon turmeric powder

• 1 teaspoon roasted cumin powder(optional)

• 1 tablespoon chopped garlic

• 4-6 sliced green chillies

• 1 bay leaf

• ½ cup sliced onion

• 1/3 cup oil

• 2 tablespoons ghee / clarified butter(optional)

• Salt to taste

How to make:

Wash the rice and lentil together and if time allows, soak it for 10 minutes.

Boil rice-lentil mix with potato,bay leaf, garlic, vegetables, turmeric, salt and  6 cup water under closed lid. If you are using peas, add peas after rice is cooked.

When rice cooked, fry onion in oil and pour it khichuri.

Mix well and  add ghee, green chillies and roasted cumin powder and cook 10 more minutes on low heat under closed lid. Check the salt.

Serve hot SOBJI KHICHURI / VEGETABLE KHICHDI with eggplant fry (begun bhaja), egg fry or egg bhuna or hilsa fry.

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