Sojne Dal recipe

asked Mar 25, 2017 in Recipes by Nahida (3,900 points)
How To make  Sojne Dal recipe

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answered Mar 25, 2017 by MD Imran Hossain (800 points)

Don’t get confuse with the title. It’s not chicken drumstick. Drumstick / Sojne is a vegetable. I was so excited to find it my local vegetable shop. It reminds my grandma / my Father who think that Sojne has medicinal value. I was not very sure about medicinal value of it. When I google it, it has high in nutrition value.


Like Pat Shak Dal / Lentil with jute leaf I will not put whole recipe. I just want to let you know or remind you about drumstick / Sojne. Drumstick / Sojne needs to peel of the skin and cut into 2.5” pieces. Cook lentil like usual way and lentil is cooked add drumstick / Sojne. When drumstick / Sojne is cooked; fry onion and add with lentil.

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