I am looking for my half sister. Mary Frances Tuten. She had a sister named Juanita who passed at 9. We have same father. Thomas L. Tuten.

asked Apr 3, 2017 in General by LoiseLouieTutenOlsen (30 points)

I last spoke my my Sister Frances, as we called her., wen she called me at age 13, I was living with my Grandparents Eller and Glover Mathis in Hialeah, Florida. This wud had been Janurary 17th 1968. I believe she told me she was living in Alabama...Biloxi, Birmingham, or some other town. I believe her Mom's name was Juanita Wells. Not sure but our grandmother Eller, said she may have been in some type of Girls School? 

I have been Looking for her for many years. With the type of technology we have now, I so hope to find her. I have my personal Ancestry Tree for LOISE OLSEN for my immediate family, she and her Sister are in my tree. She may have been born approx 1950. Possibly in Miami Florida. Anyone with any knowledge, I would be forever Grateful !!!

Thank You, Loise Tuten (Olsen, married name) Maiden Name Tuten. I have no middle name.

I live in Texas now.

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