Rajbhog Recipe

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Paneer – 100 gms

Cashew Nuts – 1 tblsp

Almonds – 1 tblsp

Pistachios – 3/4 tblsp, shelled

Saffron – 1/4 tsp, soaked in warm milk for 5 minutes

Cardamom Powder – 1 tblsp

Yellow Food colour – few drops

Water – 2 cups

Sugar – 1 cup


1. Grind the cashew nuts, pistachios and almonds to a fine powder.

2. Add the cardamom powder and mix well.

3. Add the saffron soaked milk and mix well to a thick paste.

4. Make small balls and keep aside.

5. Knead the paneer and divide into two portions.

6. To one portion, add saffron strands and yellow food colour.

7. Mix well.

8. Let the other portion remain white.

9. Make small balls of both the portions.

10. Shape them into a small cup and add the tiny nut ball.

11. Fold well and shape into a ball again.

12. Heat water in a pan and add the sugar.

13. Stir well until fully dissolved and reaches an one-string consistency.

14. Gently add the paneer balls and simmer for 15 minutes over low/medium flame.

15. Remove and cool.

16. Serve chilled or at room temperature.

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